mr_mark_dollin is the solo project of music producer Mark Dollin. Active since 1996, Mark has sought to create album oriented music that explores the inexplicable and gives it voice.

The albums of mr_mark_dollin document these explorations. Fearlessly the chapters testify navigation from the calmest whispers of contemplation to all out barrage of tense catharsis and everything in between.

This dare and adventure through numerous musical styles and ideas was embarked upon with a trail-blazing spirit that precursors the norm nowadays of lofi bedroom producers and internet-only 'presence' due to isolation. Mark's production heritage grew from the tracking scene and software sub-culture. His studio has since matured as has his music, but many quirky veins of 90s tracking scene music still enrich his current work.

Trained as an improvisational guitarist, Mark has since applied this creative spirit to composition and sound design. Whether it has been the experimentation with tapes, DIY effects, synthesisers, ethnic instruments, obtuse software, pianos in interesting spaces, and singing, Mark has always engaged with sound and music with passion and inventiveness.

Mark grew up listening to his mother's record collection on headphones (with many classic rock, pop and progressive titles). The love of the sonic universes of the album provided deeper inspiration that forms the core his creative output. Ever since his aim is to not only to have great songs, but a great sequence of songs that belong together and tell a story.

Even though Mark's work has been far ranging and full of variety, his music always has a common signature to it. Refusing classification, terms like expansive, introspective, geographic, emotional, spiritual, dark, uplifting, dense, and illustrative somewhat describe the thread running throughout.

Mark has been involved with many collaborations over the years and has grown through the interactions. Some of these have been with tracking scene alumni, and other collaborations have been local live music ventures. The latest of these collaborations is a soon to be revealed project with Chandrika Steinhardt. There are also long term plans to take the next step with Mark's solo music by animating it with live performance. Stay tuned for emerging details!

Other places Mark currently haunts:

Vital Harmony