3 Smargaid Maerd

The third of the Dream Diagrams Series. 14 drawings of the mind beyond matter.

Like previous albums in the series this work hosts a meeting place of organic melody and quirky electronica: thematically dealing with the unknown realms of delicate emotion and lucid dreaming. The narrative drifts from abstract improvisations to structured dramas.

All songs and words written, recorded, composed, mixed and mastered by mr_mark_dollin between late 2006 to May 2008. Engineering advice by Simon Floth. Songs were recorded in both The Pink Tank and Galloway Street, Armidale Australia. Artwork photography by Sue Dollin, editing and web done by Mark. Light paintings performed by a bunch of lunatics.

Thanks to both Jarrad Cousin and Mick Rippon – Jarrad helped realise some of the rhythmic possibilities in Meteor Shower, and for the same song Mick provided great advice on nurturing some of the song’s thematic subtly. Thanks to Unity Gain for providing the starting point for Long. Thanks to Ruth Strut for the vocal tuition. Thanks to Renoise for the technical means of capturing these ideas. Also thanks to members of the online tracking community for feedback and advice along the way.

Re-dreamed, re-mixed and re-mastered during Jan-Feb 2011. Thanks to Simon and Mick for the detailed feedback.



It’s long…
Feels like I’ve been waiting here
Long into the night
A night that never ends
I long for you.

It’s OK
The waiting is right
A combination of choices
Turns silence to voices
But not yet
No not yet
Still so long to wait.

I can wait
For you, forever
Long quiet
Long dark
Longing, as the thunder rolls in…